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Making Math Count

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Making Math Count

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IIIT Bangalore & Gyanome have been working together for many Years; Both our organizations have jointly organised various Math focused sessions & talks at IIITB campus in Bangalore

This initiative intends to make mathematics teaching and learning more engaging, and Interesting by collaboratively working with math communicators, math teachers, various organizations working in the field of mathematics education and related stakeholders.

To execute this pilot project – IIITB, in association with Gyanome foundation would leverage the expertise and resources available in and around Bangalore particularly — Ramanujan Math Park, and other institutions in the vicinity

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• From our Experience at IIITB, we have always found that there are FOUR institutions that have to be come together to ensure success of any initiative – especially if it is focused on a larger social need.

• An NGO (or) a Domain Expert who has a clear understanding of the market, its needs and possible solutions (be it technology or otherwise) In this case, GYANOME Foundation.

• An Academic Institution that has its strengths in the solution that is being proposed. In this case, IIIT Bangalore with its technology prowess.

• A Government (or) Corporate Sponsor that has its focus on the Impact to different Stakeholders,In this case, PSA – Government of India.

• Multiple Go-to-Market Partners & Early Adopters who can leverage the solution thus created.

• In this case, Organizations / Initiatives / Startups / Evangelizers like Select Schools (Early Adopters), Daksaa Media / Skillo (Startups), Ramanujan Math Park & Bangalore Maths Centre (Initiatives), Select Maths Communicators among others.

A Word

From the Director

” Making Maths Count is an interesting project where we make Maths relevant, interesting and cool”

– S Sadagopan

A Word

From Founder Gyanome

“In the course of its history in the last century, our country has seen various transformational movements such as Shramdaan, Bhoodaan. To transform the Literacy and Skills landscape, the country needs a Gyaan Daan Movement. Digital Technology makes this possible in scope and reach and our hope is that this movement attracts Teachers, Educators and other stakeholders to participate in this movement. This will help towards achieving Equity and Inclusion in Education for All. “

– Sujatha Ramdorai



Virtual Ramanujan Math Park

A Math park to provide a space to promote learning, exploration, and discovery of ideas in Math.


Beyond the Books

Bringing the world of Mathematics to you in a digital format. 



Bringing you Slides / NCERT Text Book available in all Languages.

classes of NCERT Syllabus

of Benefited Students

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Digital Math Content

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